Is the Ubiome SmartGut test kit worth it?

Is the Ubiome SmartGut Test Worth It?

It seems that wherever I look, I’m hearing more about the microbiome and how our gut bacteria affects everything from sleep to mood to weight. So when one of my friends told me that genetics…

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Learn how I treated my SIBO with antibiotics, prokinetics, and partially hydrolyzed guar gum.

How I Treated My SIBO (and how I’m doing six months later)

As I explained in a previous post, I got diagnosed with SIBO in December 2017 after years of not knowing what was wrong with me. Now, I’m going to tell you exactly how I treated…

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Poor sleep makes your IBS and SIBO worse. Learn about the gut-sleep connection and how to get better sleep here.

Is Poor Sleep Making Your SIBO and IBS Worse?

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Do you find that the next day, your stomach pain and digestive symptoms get worse? I know that when I don’t sleep well, my IBS and SIBO usually flare…

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Dr Pimentel SIBO IBS Drugs

SIBO Expert Dr. Pimentel on Drugs for SIBO and IBS

In my last post, I recapped Cedars-Sinai SIBO expert Dr. Mark Pimentel’s Twitter chat on food and diet related questions on IBS and SIBO. Now, I’ll recap his answers to questions about drugs for SIBO…

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SIBO Expert Dr. Pimentel Answers Your Questions, Part 1_ Food and Diet

SIBO Expert Dr. Pimentel Answers Your Questions, Part 1: Food and Diet

Earlier this month, SIBO expert Dr. Mark Pimentel took over Cedars-Sinai Hospital’s twitter account to answer questions about IBS and SIBO. Although Twitter’s character limit doesn’t lend itself to detailed answers, Dr. Pimentel answered some great…

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