Treating SIBO with herbal antibiotics

All About Treating SIBO with Herbal Antibiotics

What are herbal antibiotics? Antibiotics kill bacteria. We mostly think about antibiotics as pharmaceutical pills that a doctor prescribes us. But many herbs have antibiotic properties too, and can be successfully used for treating SIBO….

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SIBO Breath Test For Hydrogen Sulfide

A SIBO Breath Test For Hydrogen Sulfide Is On the Horizon

Hi all, I’ve been busy working on a long post about herbal antibiotics. That isn’t ready quite yet, but instead there’s some really exciting news about a new SIBO breath test for hydrogen sulfide which…

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Dr Pimentel SIBO IBS Drugs

SIBO Expert Dr. Pimentel on Drugs for SIBO and IBS

In my last post, I recapped Cedars-Sinai SIBO expert Dr. Mark Pimentel’s Twitter chat on food and diet related questions on IBS and SIBO. Now, I’ll recap his answers to questions about drugs for SIBO…

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